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Things that Stana had taught me…

H: Humility will get you far.

The second gif, what is that from? I’ve never seen it! Btw, Stana is such a wonderful person!

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things you can do in the uk at 16 years of age

  • get married (with parental permission)
  • start a family
  • join the army where they use guns and bombs and shit
  • move out

things you can’t do in the uk at 16 years of age

  • buy a pair of scissors

are you serious

The only thing that kept me going was thinking about you.

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And all the world will read you
And you will live forever
In eyes not yet created
On tongues that are not born

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Reading fanfiction is the worst because you start out with “I’ll just read this cute one shot” then suddenly it’s four am and you have 12 tabs open and you’re crying again because THEY DESERVE TO BE HAPPY WHY CANT THEY JUST BE HAPPY


*listens to arctic monkeys for the first time*


*5 minutes later*


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